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Recommend a Resource: Recommend E-books to purchase

A selection of e-books titles from Askews & Holts, Dawsonera and Proquest EBL Central 19.12.18 -19.04.19

Hover over the e-book cover to see the title/author details, then select to view in Library Search and sign in to view availability and access the full text.

LLC E-book suppliers who permit e-book suggestions for purchase

Did you know that the LLC provides University of Dundee students and staff access to three of our E-book suppliers databases, Askews & Holts, Dawsonera, and EBL Ebooks and if an e-book item is not currently in stock, you can either preview them, or suggest for purchase, for your studies, theses, dissertation, project, or to enhance stock collection development (subject to funding available). For more details or to browse the contents of these databases, please select one of the highlighted supplier links below.

If a print book version is preferred then e-mail us at, using your email address and give details of the book, why you need it and we'll do our best to respond to your request as quickly as possible.