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Reading Lists: What about a digitised chapter or article?

Getting set up and started

What can I get digitised?

 We can make book chapters, articles, and printed materials available to students through their Reading Lists in PDF format. The University holds a licence from the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) which allows us to photocopy and scan (digitise) material for teaching, subject to certain limitations.  Contact us at for more information and help.

1. How do I get the digitisation on my reading list?

Bookmark as normal. (If we don't have the book in hard copy or the article available in the library, bookmark from Amazon, Google etc.)

If it's a book chapter you want digitised, then you can choose has part from the drop down menu and press Add

Then complete the form by adding fields from the pull down menu.

Choose create & Add to list, choosing which module you want the digitisation available for.

In edit screen, choose request digitisation 

2. Requesting digitisation screen

Check each screen as you choose next step. Complete as much detail as you can until you can submit request.


More information