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Reading Lists: Setting up a Profile

Getting set up and started


Follow the 2 simple steps below to set up reading lists and then you'll be amazed how quickly and easily you use the software!

STEP 1: Setting up a profile

The first time you go reading lists, you need to set a profile. 

1. Go to and click 

2. Use your normal University of Dundee username and password.

3. You will be prompted to complete a profile. (make sure your profile is public)



Printable Instructions

Here's a printed version of instructions on how to set up and manage your profile

Adding the bookmarklet tool onto an ipad

STEP 2: Adding the bookmarklet tool

You need to set up the bookmarklet tool once to begin using reading list software. Follow these easy steps:

First thing to do is make sure your toolbar is visible - e.g. in Chrome (at web address):


1. Once you've signed into reading lists, click on 

2. Then click on 

3.A dialog box appear, click on next, until you see 

4. Click and hold, then drag and drop add to my bookmarks to your toolbar

5. You should have the add to my bookmarks in your grey bar now -


Once you install this bookmarklet tool, then you're ready to start bookmarking resources.

***If you use more than one PC/laptop then make sure the bookmarklet tool is installed on each device/each browser.***

Instructions for setting up a profile

Watch this video to set up a profile & the bookmarklet tool

setting up a profile