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Reading Lists: Publish your list & Linking to MyDundee

Getting set up and started

changing from draft to published

Only when you are ready for the students to get access to the reading list. You can still add/delete/organise a reading list once published but you would have to again.

**We advise that you publish as little times as possible. As soon as you publish, library staff start checking the availability of stock, whether we have enough copies of 'essential' texts, check elinks and organise digitisation requests. We check every reading list every time it is published**

A dialog box appears - it's really important that we know how many students (even approximately) are on the module as this is how we work out the ratio of books to students  for key texts.

You kow your reading list is published as a message appears that the list is being reviewed and the symbol disappears



In order to link successfully in MyDundee, the list must be linked to the hierarchy in Reading List software.

From the student view screen, check that the module is linked e.g.

If NOT, click Edit and Link to Hierarchy

then search, select and save correct module code and title

This means that the reading list matches the MyDundee module.

Linking through to MyDundee

Open the module in MyDundee

then choose tool link from + in left hand column 


then copy the details in screen below. Make sure box is ticked for available to users

Reading List option will appear in left hand column  and clickable link will appear for the students 

Remember, the reading list will only appear once it is linked to the hierarchy and published.


What if I don't use MyDundee?

If you don't use MyDundee for your module, then as normal.

Instead of linking to hierarchy etc., simply copy and paste the link to the reading list to your blog/other software that you use instead eg.

Let us know if you're doing this as an alternative and we can help you make sure your reading list works (especially if you've asked for any digitisation requests)