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Reading Lists: How do I find my list?

Getting set up and started


always remember to  to Reading Lists before finding your module. If you don't you won't see draft lists and other options.

Searching for Module

You can search by module code, module title, module leader and browse by school.

If you're wanting to work/edit on the list, choose the draft list.

then edit and edit list

If there's not a draft list, choose list and then edit, edit list. This will create a draft list for you. You can tell if you're in a draft list by the symbol at the top of the screen.


What if I can't find my module?

Has the module details changed? Is the module code and title correct?

You may need to create a new list.

Click on my lists 


then complete the box (similar to below)

At select hierarchy, find the module code/title. This matches the reading list to the MyDundee module.

Other options in edit list

Only Publish when you're ready for the students to see the list.

Link to Hierarchy means the module code/details matches the module/details in MyDundee

As the list owner you can invite list publishers (e.g. other teaching staff/academics) who want to contribute to the list

It's normally the module leader who is assigned the list owner


Contact us on if you need any help or support.