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Reading Lists: How do I add to my list?

Getting set up and started


always remember to  to Reading Lists before finding your module. If you don't you won't see draft lists and other options.

Choosing duration of module

It's really important to make sure the timeframe of your reading list covers the duration of the module. There are various options.

Go to:


Bookmarking: It's really quick and easy

You can bookmark books,ebooks, journal article, websites, youtube, podcasts...anything really! 

1. Find the resource you want to add to the reading list

2. Then click 

3. The screen is 'scraped' over to the reading list software

4. Check details are correct. 

5. Then   create saves this resource into your own bookmarking list whereas create & add to list can directly add to a specific section in a chosen reading list e.g.

6. Item will appear in reading list or in your own bookmarks.

Using create to save resources is a really useful option if you come across a great paper but you're not sure what reading list/or section of a reading list to use it in yet. It can be easily dragged and dropped into the correct location later on.


What's the difference between a draft list and a published list?

List means the list that the students can see and use. Known as published.

Draft List means that this list is getting worked on. Students cannot see draft list. Draft lists must be published to be seen by students.

As above, you can have a published list which is viewable and a draft list (a work in progress) simultaneously. Once you publish the draft list, there will only be one updated viewable list.

Module is the module details from MyDundee. This means linking reading list to MyDundee module will work.

More detailed instructions

Seen a brilliant resource in another reading list?

It's really easy to copy and add a resource from another reading list. Follow these instructions.