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Reading Lists: How do I add Books to my list?

Getting set up and started

Step 1

1. Find the book you want to add through Library Search. (If we don't have the book in stock, then you can bookmarks from Amazon etc. as well)

step 2

2. Once you right click, open in new tab, THEN use Add to My Bookmarks

Step 3

3. Check details, then select Create or Create & Add to List


Bookmark ebooks the exact same way as hard copy books

Just make sure that the weblink and online resource button is ticked at the edit page before choosing create or create & add to list.

What about books available online with physical copies also available in the library?

When the book you are adding to a reading list has both online and physical copies available, it will display in Library search as 'Online access.  The library also has physical copies.'  


Online access. The library also has physical copies


For books in this category, you can choose which version you want to add to the list, allowing you the choice of adding a link to the online or physical copy of the book.

To do this, bookmark in the same way as any other book by following step 1 and step 2 above.

You will then be taken to a Reading Lists page which will display all options available for the online and physical copies available. 

Use the format and online resource columns to decide which one you want to add to the list.  Note that selecting the one which is available online or is listed as an electronic resource will add a link to the bookmark to allow students to click straight to the online resource from the reading list.

Select online or print book to add to reading list

To complete, follow step 3 above

More instructions

 Use these Bookmarking from Library Search - books instructions for extra help.