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Our performance: Semester 1 Academic Year 2018-19


Service Standards           
Academic Year 2018-19
Semester 1
We aim to open all libraries 100% of their advertised hours 97.6%
You will not have to wait more than 5 minutes when visiting the InfoZone or Enquiry Desk


(ML only)

We aim to resolve 90% of InfoZone or Enquiry Desk enquiries at first point of contact, referring in a timely manner the remainder to colleagues with specialist knowledge or to our partners 96%
90% of students attending a digital skills session will agree that what they have learned will be useful in the future 96%
We train and develop staff who are friendly, knowledgeable and committed to helping you to get the best from the library service  10 Training & Development Sessions
100% of books returned to their home library will be shelved within 1 working day 100%
95% of Inter Library Loan requests will be processed within 3 working days of receipt 100%
90% of Inter Library Loan requests will be fulfilled within 2 weeks 98.5%
We aim to provide a friendly, comfortable and safe study environment 92% agreed 
If contact details are provided, we will acknowledge all enquiries, feedback and complaints within 1 working day and will provide an initial response within 3 working days

98.8% Acknowledged

100% Responded

We aim for at least 90% of calls to our General Enquiry telephone number (01382 384087) to be answered within 5 rings and have a voicemail facility for calls received out with our help service hours 97.8%
When using our online chat service you should not have to wait any longer than 1 minute for an online chat 93.4%
The quality of our online chat responses should average Satisfactory or above 99.3%
We will aim to achieve at least 90% satisfaction rating with the services you receive 87.8%
We will aim to achieve at least 90% satisfaction rating for responses to customer enquiries, feedback and complaints 80.8%
We aim to achieve at least 90% agreement that we provide a quality library service 90.9%
We aim to achieve at least 90% satisfaction rating on Questions 19 in the National Student Survey NSS Semester 2 2018-19 Results not yet available


Working Days – Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

ML only - Data refers to Main Library only

(Excludes Christmas Vacation period when the University closes for 2 weeks – Main Library and Robertson Trust Medical Library, Ninewells Hospital remain open as study space only)

Service Standards Reviewed and Amended - November 2018