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Our new Library System: Hints in using Library Search

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Hints for using Library Search


1      In general, a few title keywords plus an author or editor  surname will find any known book or journal article


2      Results can be immediately filtered to ‘Available in the Library’ (which usually means both print & online books)


3      Another easy way to locate known items is to use the Browse Search (below the Advanced Search option).  This allows dictionary style searching on the Title, Author and Subject indexes which are part of the Library System.  These search indexes are limited to our Print content, so are particularly useful for people who don’t want to be overwhelmed by online journal articles or website links.

4    To keep you informed, you will receive a monthly statement by email of the books you have on loan. If nobody has requested your standard loans, they will be automatically renewed for another 28 days for up to a year.

5      If the book you want is not available on the shelf, always place a request on it as we will recall it. This is important as otherwise the book could be unavailable for up to a year

6     Always check your University email for information regarding your Library account, as this is how we will contact you if somebody requests one of the books you have on loan. The loan period will be shortened and fines will be charged if you do not return the book by the new date.