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Our new Library System: FAQs

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Our new Library System brings some changes to loans and renewals of library books. Standard loan items will still be issued for 4 weeks, but will automatically renew for your convenience.

How will auto-renewals work?

The system will automatically renew your loans provided that the item has not been requested by somebody else, or your user record has expired.

Standard loan items are issued for a period of 4 weeks, but will be automatically renewed for a period of 12 months before you have to return them to the Library.

Shorter loan types, such as 7 day or 1 day loan books, will not automatically renew. These should be returned on the due date as before.

How will I know if I need to return an item?

If an item has been requested by somebody else we will send you an email to inform you of the date you need to return it by.

What if the system can't renew my books?

If your record has been blocked - for example if you have a lost book charge or your card has expired - the system will be unable to perform an auto-renewal. We will send you a courtesy notice by email in advance of the due date telling you we have been unable to renew the item and the date it needs to be returned by.

If you have a book which has been requested by somebody else, the system will not auto-renew that particular item, but it will continue to auto- renew any other items you have on loan.

If you have any Library issues preventing automatic renewal of your books, please contact or visit the Library so we can resolve these as soon as possible.

Will I still be fined if my book becomes overdue?

If we have asked you to bring the book back because somebody else wants it and you do not return it by the date we ask you to return it by, you will be fined for late return.

If the book is overdue because the system has blocked auto-renewal - for example if you have reached the maximum number of renewals (12 months) - you will not be fined for late return of the item. However, if you do not return the overdue book within 21 days, you will be invoiced for the replacement charge.

How will I keep track of the books I have on loan?

We will send you monthly statements by email of the books you have on loan and their due dates.

My lecturer has put links to the Library Catalogue and Library Search in MyDundee which doesn't appear to be working.

The urls of the Library Catalogue and Library Search will be changing and will need to be updated.


Please contact the LLC through the usual channels if you have any questions not answered by the guide.


phone             01382 384087