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Getting Started: User Contract

How do I get into the Library?

You must show your ID card at the entrance, so please carry it with you at all times. If you have forgotten your card, your ID will be checked on our system and you will be issued with a Day Pass.

The reason for this procedure is to maintain a secure environment, and to prevent unauthorised access by people who are not members of the University.

Can I talk in the Library?

There are three different zones in the Library. If you prefer to study in silence, please use the Silent Study Zones and maintain the silence for others. If you prefer collaborative working, please use the Quiet Study Zones or the Group Study Zones. Please show consideration for your fellow students by keeping conversations at a moderate volume, particularly in the Quiet Study Zones. For more information on the zones, please see:

Can I reserve a PC or study space?

We do not operate a booking system for PCs or study spaces. Please have consideration for your fellow users by not leaving unattended personal items at study desks, particularly at busy times when study spaces are in demand. 

To maximise availability of PCs for all students, we also ask that you do not leave a PC logged on in your absence.

Where can I smoke?

Legislation prohibits smoking from taking place close to the entrances or windows of buildings, to prevent secondary smoke inhalation by others. For this reason, LLC staff may ask people smoking too close to the building to relocate. This includes the use of e-cigarettes and vaping.

Can I Eat and Drink in the Library?

You said: We like to be able to eat and drink in the library, but we don't like the smell of hot food in the study areas. 

So our policy is:

  • Cold drinks - yes
  • Hot drinks - yes, but please use a lid on the cup to prevent spillage
  • Cold food - yes
  • Hot food - only in the cafe

Do I have to pay fines if my book is returned late?

Your books will automatically renew for up to 12 months, unless somebody else requests them.  In this case, you will receive notification that the due date has changed. If the book is returned by this date, you will not be fined.  Fines will be charged if the book is returned after the new due date.

Can I use my mobile phone in the library?


In Silent Study Zones, please set your phone to silent mode, and leave the area if you need to take a call. The stairwells can be used for this purpose. Phones can be used in the General Study Zones or the café.

Who is responsible for keeping the library tidy?

The library is cleaned every day before opening, but you can help to maintain a pleasant environment by leaving your study space as you would wish to find it. Recycling bins are provided in each area for your litter. Wipes are available at the InfoZone if you wish to clean your keyboard/mouse before or after use.

We realise that accidents do happen – if you spill any food or drink, please let a member of library staff know so that it can be cleaned up as quickly as possible.