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LIVE Smart: Coping with Stress

Student guide to living and studying in Dundee/aligned with LEARN Smart

MindTools Stress Management Guide

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Visit the MindTools site for a selection of tools to help you to manage stress.

Exam Stress?

Student minds logo - the Uk's student mental health charity

Advice on coping with exam stress

Top Self Care Strategies

Self care

You can't always control the circumstances that life throws your way, but you can control how well you take care of yourself. Here are the top self care strategies for overall stress reduction.

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Helpful NHS booklet about Stress from

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NHS Audio Guides Stress/ Anxiety/ Depression

Stressbusters Leaflet

Free Online MindfullnessCourse

Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance - free course.

Learn mindfulness techniques to reduce stress,

improve your wellbeing and

work/study performance in this free online course.

7 Types of Self Care

Try these

7 simple self-care activities

to cope with stress


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Need Someone To Talk To?

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Offers free counselling to students and staff. Emergency drop in clinics are available weekdays at 10:30am.

To find out more or to make an appointment, click here.

Opening Hours: 9:00 - 17:00, Mon - Fri

Tel: 01382 384164


Where to find us: Support Hub, OTI Building (see campus map)

The single most important thing you can do for stress

Make Stress Your Friend

How Stress Effects Your Brain

Breathing Exercise for Stress

Breathing exercise for stress

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Quiz - How vulnerable are you to stress?

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How vulnerable are you to stress?

Take a quiz to find out

NHS Steps For Stress

Steps for Stress

A simple guide to stressing less

and enjoying life more

Stress Relief for Students

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Stress Relief for Students

How to Stay Calm

Helpful Podcasts and Videos for Wellbeing

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Podcasts and videos for your wellbeing

A range of topics including:

Stress, sleep, mindfulness, wellbeing,

good habits, overcoming anxiety etc

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NHS Relaxation Audio Files

NHS Relaxation Audio Files

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Free Online Mindfulness Course

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mindfullness for wellbeing and peak performance

Free Online Mindfulness Course

7 Simple Tips to Reduce Stress Right Now!

22 Quick Tips to Reduce Your Anxiety

Lead a happier, healthier life

with these calming strategies

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