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LEARN Smart: Using SPSS

Student guide signposting to key information/aligned with LIVE Smart

SPSS on your student desktop

SPSS is a statistical analysis tool for quantative date - Statistical Package for the Social Sciences.

It can be accessed from your University Student Desktop through All Programs or by typing SPSS into the search bar .

SPSS Essential Training: Barton Poulson

To get started using SPSS, see this video from training video

SPSS Beginners Tutorials

Learn how to use SPSS through these SPSS Tutorials

This one is a  basics for Beginners

SPSS for beginners

SPSS Tutorials: Andy Field

Watch this series of videos from Andy Field on YouTube SPSS Tutorials

Andy Foeld SPSS tutorials


Image from: is an online video library that offers dynamic video tutorials on the latest software tools and skills. has lots of resources that are free to use through your University account, including many on how to use SPSS effectively.

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