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LEARN Smart: Excel tips, tutorials and training

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Excel for academic purposes

You will probably find at some point during your studies that you need to use Microsoft Excel. 

The links on this page are by no means an exhaustive list but they will direct you to a range of video tutorials and other resources that will help you to make best use of this very useful and powerful tool.

Excel Tips - Dennis Taylor

Weekly Tips

Link to this video by Dennis Taylor for a new tip every Tuesday! - learning to use Excel effectively

Learning to Use Excel Effectively is an online video library that offers dynamic video tutorials on the latest software tools and skills. has lots of resources that are free to use through your University account, including many on how to use Excel effectively.

Sign in to using your email address then enter your University username and password to gain access.

These are just a few examples to get you started  - log in to and search for your specific requirements.

  • Choose whether you want to watch a video, see a playlist, follow a learning path or even complete a course.
  • Select your skill level
  • Choose how long you want to spend on the task
  • Select your subject

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Learning Excel 2016 -

Learning Excel

This is a short beginners' level video by David Rivers, you can select parts of the content or it should take you about 1hr 18mins if you want to complete the full course. He explains what Excel is and why you might want to use it before going on to explain how. He demonstrates useful tips for using Excel and covers the interface, creating and opening workbooks, adding text and numbers, working with formulas, basic formatting, inserting charts and graphics, and sharing and printing workbooks.

Essential training course

Essential Training

Dennis Taylor takes you through a range of tasks including, getting you familiar with Excel's menu system, how to create formulas and use simple functions, how to format your data for appearance sake, how to use printing and charting capabilities of Excel, and how to work with powerful functions like 'If'. He'll show you a few data analysis tools, like 'Goal Seek' and 'Solver' and how to automate your work via macros.

If you want to complete the whole course allow about 8hrs and 51 minutes. Alternatively, you can look at each section according to what it is you want to do. You can take notes as you work through the course.

Microsoft Tutorials

Microsoft Training

Microsoft also offer a range of lessons and tips.

Excel video training


Take Microsoft's tour of Excel

‚ÄčFor more Microsoft tutorials on Excel