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LEARN Smart: Campus

Student guide signposting to key information/aligned with LIVE Smart

Ciry campus map

Familiarise yourself with the key locations on the the Main Campus, Ninewells and Kirkcaldy campuses. 

Look for useful shortcuts and quickest routes through and around buildings to save valuable time traveling between lectures!


  • Schools,Colleges and departments
  •  Kirkcaldy Campus
  • Ninewells Hospital & Medical School Campus
  • Dundee City Centre Plan

Tour our City campus and download a Campus Map.

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Virtual toour

Take the virtual tour for a detailed view of campus and it's facilities!

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Teaching rooms

The Teaching Rooms Catalogue gives you information about the type of environments you will be studying in. It shows the layout and location of the teaching rooms and what kind of equipment is in them.

When you have a class or lecture scheduled in a room you aren't familiar with this can be a useful tool to help you arrive at the right location at the correct time.

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Car parking

Being a city campus, parking can sometimes be difficult. See our Car Parking web pages to find out where you can park on main campus, parking permits and other general car parking information.

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