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LEARN Smart: General Support

Student guide signposting to key information/aligned with LIVE Smart

Starting out

Visit our Welcome pages and find out the key things you need to know about starting at the University

hand book

  • Before you arrive
  • On arrival
  • Matriculation
  • Funding
  • Events
  • School events
  • DUSA (student union)
  • Help & Advice
  • Information for parents

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Disability Services

Student Services

Visit Student Services to find out the full, wide range of services and support they offer.

Student services

  • Help settling in
  • Academic difficulties
  • General and mental health issues
  • Personal problems
  • Financial difficulties
  • Finding a job
  • Accommodation issues
  • Immigration/visa questions

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Enquiry Centre

Visit Student Services Enquiry Centre outside DUSA and the main campus shop.

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UoD Online Timetables

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LIVE Smart advice on funding and finances.

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Academic & Corporate Governance

About the directorate and it's functions.

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 The University takes its security responsibilities seriously. If you experience anything untoward, need to report an incident or just want advice contact Security.

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DUSA The Union

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Student Voice 2017-2018

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Student Desktop

Student Dashboard

Bookmark this page -  for quick links, lists of key resources and useful dates.

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Citizen's Advice Service

The Citizen's Advice Service is operated by volunteers advisors who are independent of the University and offer free and confidential advice.

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