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History: Books, E-books and Reference works

Getting hold of the books you need

  • Library Search includes all our print and the majority of our online books
  • If you would like to recommend a title, use our More Books service for students
  • Our online books are supplied by a wide range of publishers, and sometimes it is useful to search within particular collections, some  of which are listed below
  • Further collections are listed in the A-Z list of Eresources - filter the list to 'Resource type' = E-book
  • All our online books can be read wherever you have internet access.  Many can also be downloaded for offline reading

A selection of History titles added to stock 20.03.18 -31.08.18

Hover over the book cover to see the title/author details and select to view in Library Search, then sign in to view availability and location of print texts and if available as an e-book, access the full text. 

EBSCO Academic E-books collection

  • To browse the collection by subject, go to the top menu, and eBooks
  • To download for offline viewing, you need Adobe Digital Editions software (already available on all Campus PCs)

Brechin Collection

  • This collection of c10,000 books and manuscripts has been on permanent loan from the Episcopal Diocese of Brechin since 1961, and consists largely of theological books, some of great bibliographic interest. All items in the collection are held in Archive Services.
  • The collection ranges from very early printed works (incunabula) to recent publications
  • The collection is included in the Library Search service

Online Reference works

Historical Texts

  • Search this resource directly, as none of the titles included in this collection are listed in the Library Search service

University Press Scholarship E-books

Using and downloading E-books

  • Includes general instructions on downloading E-books
  • Lists all the main features of our E-book collections

Early European Books